Learning To Forgive And Love Yourself Brings You To A POWERFUL Victory!

In the past, I had made so many mistakes, many of them which had not only hurt me, but had hurt other people as well. There also happened to be many times where others in my life would either intentionally and/or unintentionally cause me great pain and suffering in addition to the pain I had caused myself.

Much to my dismay, I soon found myself bound up with so much hurt, anger, pain, and resentment that I felt at times I could not live my life the way I had always envisioned it was supposed to be.

For the longest time, I could not find the strength, nor could I find the motivation that I needed to be able to forgive myself for what I had done to others, nor could I seem to forgive myself for ‘allowing’ others to cause so much pain in my life.

One day while wallowing in the misery I had brought upon myself, reality set in and I suddenly realized that I not only had a very real issue with the ability to forgive others, but more importantly, I realized that I had a very real issue with forgiving MYSELF.

Because I could not see how I could forgive MYSELF, I found I also could not see how I could be able to forgive OTHERS, and then because I could not forgive OTHERS, the pain I felt inside only worsened – and on and on it went for years.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I began to earnestly cry out to God, asking Him to help me forgive others. What He then spoke to my heart resonated within me deeply. He said, “Forgive and love yourself FIRST, and the ability to forgive and love others will then come naturally to you.”

The Word of God (the Bible) tells us to “Love your neighbors as yourself” but if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect to be able to love your neighbors?

I knew I needed help to get free of this bondage, and I also knew the only One who could really help me through such a battle was the Lord.

I felt a great release the day I had allowed the Lord into that area of my heart in order to help me be able to forgive myself of all the past mistakes I had made. And I felt an even greater release when I found I could then easily love myself again, which then caused me to be able to forgive and love others who had caused me such great pain in the past.

The moment I forgave others of EVERYTHING I felt they had done or had not done, it felt as though a dam had burst inside my heart, and I was overwhelmed with such a deep love it made me break down in tears.

Along with that release also came a deep inner healing and an even deeper peace which surpasses all understanding and I then found I no longer felt miserable, stressed, or sick, and could now sleep like a baby at night.

Through the process of forgiveness and loving myself, I had managed to be able to secure a wonderfully PURE, POWERFUL VICTORY which could only be found and obtained in and through the Intense Beauty of the Supernatural Release I had encountered when I allowed the Lord into these broken areas of my life which needed healing.

Is there someone in YOUR life you need to forgive and love? Maybe even yourself?

If so, make it a point to seek the Lord’s help to obtain the FREEDOM He had created YOU to live in!

And remember above all else – the FREEDOM found in FORGIVENESS and LOVING YOURSELF brings you to a POWERFUL VICTORY!

“Love the Creator, but also love the Creation – YOU – just as much, for you were fearfully and wonderfully made in His Image!” – Mary Scanlon


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