More Than Anything, God Wants You To Know Your VALUE!

More than ANYTHING, God wants you to KNOW your worth – to really KNOW your VALUE and how much you mean to Him!

He has made each one of us different from the other, yet He VALUES each one of us as the Apple of His Eye!

He not only VALUES you, but He CHERISHES You! His Love for you is so GREAT and He VALUES YOU so much that He even sent His one and only begotten Son to die for YOU on the cross so that YOU could live in the FREEDOM of who He has created you to be!

While the enemy of your soul (the devil) may try to make you believe that you have no worth, are not of value to God, were placed here on earth for no particular Purpose or Reason, the TRUTH is, our God had created you in HIS amazing image – a PERFECT image which He, of course, already holds of a HIGH and SUPREME VALUE because of who HE is!

The Word of God (the Bible) in Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that before God formed us in the womb, He KNEW US. He KNEW who you were BEFORE you were even CREATED!

He loves you so much He had made a very specific Plan and Purpose – created and tailored JUST FOR YOU to PROSPER in – even BEFORE you were born or had been formed in your mother’s womb!

He thought of YOU long before your mother and father had thought of you, and He gave YOU a PURPOSE in life!

He longs to see you SUCCEED and PROSPER in ALL He has called you to fulfill!

YOU are more than WORTHY! YOU are more than VALUABLE, and YOU have a GOD-ORDAINED PURPOSE to fulfill for His Kingdom’s Glory!

“When we choose to see the Value God has given to us as an individual creation, we will then Believe we can have the Desires of our Heart – which will propel us toward a life of Victory found in the Success of who God has made us to be!” – Mary Scanlon


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