God Is Already Busy Moving On Your Behalf Before You Even Awaken In The Morning!

Though we, as humans, may need sleep, God NEVER sleeps!

Even before we open our eyes and awaken each day, God is already busy moving on our behalf! He loves us so much He longs to see us SUCCEED in all He has for us on a daily basis!

The Word of God (the Bible) tells us in Matthew 6:34 that we should not ever worry about the things of tomorrow, because tomorrow will take care of itself.

In other words, God – the very CREATOR of each and every day – ALREADY knows what is going to happen in and with all of our tomorrow’s before WE even know what will happen!

When we learn to Trust God and make a MOVE toward what we know or feel He has placed within us as Natural Gifts, Talents and/or Niches to use and succeed at, we will see that things will simply just fall into place AS WE GO!

When God is the One who directs us to do something, we do not need to worry about whether or not that something will succeed!

What God has put into place, man cannot take out of place!

Therefore, you should not ever worry about what tomorrow brings, and should instead Trust the Lord for and in ALL of your tomorrows!

You should just simply learn to Trust that God is already busy moving on your behalf before you even awaken in the morning, and start your day in FAITH to BELIEVE you will Succeed TODAY and EVERY DAY!

“The secret of a successful life is to let go of all worry and stress and choose instead to believe God has only your best interests at heart – and then allow Him to show you what they are.” – Mary Scanlon


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