A Ship In Harbor is Safe, But That's Not What Ships Are Built For!

Many times throughout my life, I found myself tired of being in the same old ‘rut’ I felt I was constantly falling into. After many years of growing tired of the ‘trench-like depression’, ‘falling in the ditch’, or ‘going around in circles in the same fish bowl over and over again and getting nowhere’, I finally made the decision I seriously needed to change what I was doing because it was obvious ‘my way’ of trying to get ahead and ‘my way’ of going about things in life was not working.

Early on I found I had a deep burning desire to really want to get ahead in life. Yet I had no idea what my real purpose in life was, so for many years – much to my dismay – I had gone around in circles and had wasted a lot of time trying to find my ‘purpose’ in life through what I thought sounded good to do at the time, only to discover I still had no clue what I was doing and had no clue what the ‘purpose’ was or how to go about ‘finding out’ what it could possibly be.

Simply put, I had no clue what I was looking for to begin with. I had no clue what a ‘purpose’ was, had no clue what my ‘purpose’ could be, and had no clue where to ‘find’ my ‘purpose’.

One day, I decided to seek the Lord and ask Him what I was to do with my life. I wanted to know what my ‘purpose’ was. I wanted to know what my successful ‘niche’ in life was. I wanted to know a lot of things. And I also decided I was going to seek the Lord until I found the answers to everything I wanted to know.

Then, suddenly, I found myself looking at a random picture in front of me. This particular picture showed many ships bunched together and were anchored in a crowded harbor. As I was looking at this picture with curiosity, the Lord began to clearly show me things about my purpose in life from an angle I have not thought of before.

As I continued looking on at the many different sizes, shapes, and colors of each ship, I began to wonder what the purpose of each ship was. I found myself questioning why this certain ship was shaped the way it was. Then I looked at another and wondered why it was colored the way it was. Yet again I looked at another, wondering why it was in the harbor when clearly it was a ship meant to be out in the open sea, exploring the possibilities it could find there.

It was then the Lord began to speak to me through the images found in the picture. Deep in my heart, I could hear Him say:

“When you really think about it, the world is one big sea of many opportunities – too many to count. If you think about how many ships stay in the same harbor at any one time, you will see that harbor continue to become even more crowded time and again with many of the same ships because they are used to anchoring themselves there to one place, thinking that by doing so, they are keeping themselves ‘in a safe place’ – otherwise known as their ‘comfort zone’. Some ships have anchored at harbors and stay there indefinitely, never moving or going out to explore the seas of possibilities and opportunities that are available in front of them. They never want to set sail and ‘test their ship in the waters’ to see how effective it is or discover where it is their ship can take them. They never want to set sail for a better place, and therefore stay in the harbor for too long and often sink.

When a ship finally moves out of the harbor, it discovers the world is a sea of opportunity by which it can set sail and go explore the many possibilities of success that presents itself before it. It’s time to leave the ‘comfort zone’ of the harbor behind and explore new possibilities. It’s time to stop being afraid your ship may sink before it even sets sail in the water. It’s time to set your sail high and explore the vast sea of opportunities before you. It’s time to SHINE and become the BEACON of GREAT SUCCESS and EVEN GREATER PROSPERITY you were created to be.”

Now let me tell you a little about myself so you can understand why what the Lord had said resonated so deeply within me and COMPELLED ME to go and explore the seas of possibilities and opportunities that were before me.

I had a rough upbringing. I came from nothing, had nothing, was thought of as nothing. I was constantly beat down, rejected, abandoned, and abused. I was someone everybody else always picked on and made fun of. I was someone everybody thought would ‘never amount to anything in life’. I was the one nobody wanted to pick out of the crowd to do anything – that ‘someone’ everybody never wanted to have on ‘their team’ because all they could or wanted to see in me was failure and lack of ‘any good thing.’ I truly was someone who fit the description of being ‘the least of these’ in the eyes of everyone around me, and at times, even in my own.

The thought of God using me in a great way to help others find their purpose or ‘success’ in life was a profound idea to me – but it also made sense. Who better to find the true way of success than someone who had known nothing but their own weaknesses, failure, and rejection all their life? And it was because of this very reason I began to earnestly seek the Lord. I had decided enough was enough. It was time to get serious about finding my purpose.

I decided I really wanted to be successful, to be something, to be someone – someone who could glorify my Creator through the gifts, talents, and niches HE had placed within me to use for that very purpose. When I began seeking the Lord for HIS Plan and MY Purpose in life, He had impressed upon me the truth about how He works, (which can also be found throughout all of the Bible) which is this: His plans and purposes for us often stem out of what everyone else (or sometimes even we) think our very weaknesses are.

I call it the King David effect.

David was a small shepherd boy – the smallest in his family, the smallest in the ‘neighborhood’, the smallest in his ‘arena’ of other shepherd boys. He was the one everybody always ignored because of his small size. He was the one everyone thought would have been the ‘last person’ that could ever do anything great for God or for anyone else for that matter. He was the ‘last person’ everyone thought God could or would want to use for His Plans and Purposes. Yet God used him mightily. God had given David FAVOR as well as a STRATEGY to slay the giant, Goliath, who had been terrorizing everyone. God had given David – the smallest and ‘the least of these’ in the eyes of too many people – the Wisdom and Knowledge on HOW to slay the giant – by using a rock and a sling.

People could not believe David would even try to confront Goliath. He was so small and the giant was so big! People could not and would not believe David could be successful in killing the giant. After all, he was but a small shepherd boy! He was young and uneducated in war and the things of the world! He was ‘the least of these’ in their eyes! But David DID kill Goliath with nothing but God’s BACKING – with nothing but God’s STRATEGY – His PLAN FOR SUCCESS – through the use of a rock and a sling, much to the shock of everyone!

And afterwards, David went on to even greater success and eventually fulfilled his true purpose – GOD’S purpose for WHY HE WAS CREATED – when he became King.

When GOD makes a PLAN and a PURPOSE for someone or something, it WORKS. It is SUCCESSFUL. It DOES NOT FAIL. It CANNOT FAIL.

When GOD gives somebody a STRATEGY to overcome what they or others perceive to be weaknesses, they OVERCOME those weaknesses and go on to become something GREAT through HIM.

When GOD gives somebody a strategy to get the job done, it GETS DONE when they allow Him to take the lead and show them how to do it – show them the way to Victory – by giving them the MASTER PLAN – by giving them that DIVINE BLUEPRINT which lays out and reveals the ‘secrets’ or ‘keys’ of the DIVINE DETAIL of that MASTER PLAN – which then sets the PURPOSE in place for GREAT SUCCESS and EVEN GREATER PROSPERITY.

“I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name.” – Revelation 3:8

Many people spend a great deal of their life trying to ‘figure things out.’ But what I have found to be true is this:

It is when we stop trying to figure it out on our own and choose to instead let God lead and show us the way to victory and success, success then comes easily to us because it is something HE makes happen instead of us – and it is something that cannot fail because HE is the One who has put it in place. HE is the One who has put it into action, and what GOD has put in place and into action, no man can displace or take out of action.

Because we know everything the Word of God (the Bible) says is TRUTH – we can also be confident in knowing this TRUTH is meant for every area of our lives – including His Plans and Purposes for us – and including the SUCCESS and PROSPERITY He has put in place for us and desires for us to fully have and enjoy as His children because it is our rightful inheritance in Him as well as through Him.

As His children, we can truly be confident in the TRUTH of His Word when He says “I have set before you an OPEN door and no man can shut it.” And He means just that! The door(s) have been OPENED! The many seas of opportunities and possibilities have been OPENED to us through the One who has created those very same opportunities and possibilities.

The seas of opportunities and possibilities have EXPANDED BEYOND THE HORIZON – have EXPANDED FURTHER THAN THE EYE CAN SEE – because GOD has OPENED the door for us! He has made a way for us to know and live in GREAT SUCCESS and EVEN GREATER PROSPERITY!

The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.” Henry Ford

Forget about how big the mountain is. Climb it!

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