“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.” – Song of Solomon 2:4

For several months the Lord had been speaking quite frequently to me about how many women (as well as men) had lost sight of how BEAUTIFUL they are to the Lord – and how BEAUTIFUL they should FEEL – how BEAUTIFUL they should SEE THEMSELVES through their own eyes as well as their heart, myself included.

Sometimes when things happens in life that make us unhappy, or when we may face certain hardships or other trying circumstances in our lives, we may then find that we have a tendency to ‘blame ourselves’ for what had happened – even when it may not have been our fault – and it is these times, the times that make us doubt our VALUE and BEAUTY, that may have a tendency to make us feel LESS BEAUTIFUL than we really are.

There could be many reasons why one does not or no longer feel or see themselves as Valuable or Beautiful, but the Truth is, we are made in GOD’S image – and our God is not only a God of LOVE – He is also a God of VALUE and BEAUTY!

The Lord has placed it on my heart to help, inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to REDISCOVER their VALUE and to help, inspire and encourage them to FEEL just how BEAUTIFUL they really are – to FEEL the BEAUTY OF THE LORD He had placed within them – and to once again SEE themselves as a VALUABLE creation – and to SEE themselves as BEAUTIFUL – just as HE does.


The Banqueting House was birthed out of the many heart-to-heart talks that I have had with the Lord, and with and through His leading, I strive to make it a place where ALL can come and feel BEAUTIFUL once again and STAY in that place of VALUE and BEAUTY as we continue to prepare ourselves for our Bridegroom – Christ.

The Banqueting House is a place where all are welcome to come and embrace the fullness of the Lord’s Love for you as you REDISCOVER the VALUE and BEAUTY of who you were created to be!


In Song of Solomon, the love-struck maiden thinks only of love and dreamily thinks of her Beloved bringing her to a remarkable, secluded place – The Banqueting House – a quiet, intimate setting where she could meet and commune with her Beautiful Betrothed in privacy.

The Banqueting House – which more literally translates as ‘house of wine’ – is a place where, back in days gone by, winemakers would go to great lengths to preserve their wine – not in traditional barrels or against the walls of cool, dark cellars which were hid under ground, as the more modern world does, but in light-weight wineskins, or in large jars which they then placed against the wall in the upper chambers of their building and was very much considered to be the place where they kept their absolute most PRECIOUS of possessions.

There are no ‘old’ wineskins here at The Banqueting House – only the New, as through Christ, we have been made New. Through Him, we are able to shed the ‘old’ as the things of the past, including our ‘old man’, had passed away and had been removed from us and it is out of the place of the Newness of the New Wine offered to us that we shall now live by as we continue to prepare ourselves for our Bridegroom.

The Banqueting House is a safe haven, the place where the Lord meets us right where we are – the place where He woos us – where He embraces us as the Cherished Apple of His Eye – the place where He showers us with His complete acceptance and His immense adoration for us.

It is the place where He declares His Unending, Everlasting, Eternal Love for us – His Bride.

We can dare to be ourselves here at The Banqueting House. All doubt, inadequacies and imperfections we may feel we have about ourselves or our worthiness are taken from us as our Beloved wholeheartedly PURSUES US on a daily basis and REASSURES US of His Powerful, Unfailing Love and His Faithful Commitment to us.

It is that place where it does not matter where we were in our past, as our future is with Him for all of Eternity. It is that place where we do not have to pretend, where we do not have to hide our feelings, our shame, or our hurt.

The Lord knows all – and He accepts us just the way we are – and because of His Great and Unconditional Love for us, He REMOVES all doubt, unbelief and imperfections from us – once again making us WHOLE and HEALED to His Glory.

It is here in this place where the Lord will draw us yet closer to Him, and it is here where we can embrace this amazing closeness as Deep calls unto Deep and as He draws us into the higher places found in His Presence.

When we enter into The Banqueting House, we have not only entered into the place of the Lord’s Unfailing Love and Acceptance, but we have also been brought into a place and a position of HONOR – and it is from this place and position of HONOR that we grow in who we were created to be as we continually discover or rediscover more about  ourselves and about the Amazing Love, Mercy and Grace of our Bridegroom.

Man has known no Greater Love than the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it is here – in the Secret Place of His Banqueting House – that He showers us with affection and covers us with His Banner of Love as He woos us as only HE can. Welcome to The Banqueting House!


“I believe that God has ordained a Plan and a Purpose for your life, that you can do anything the Lord has put on your heart to do, and no one can stop you . . . but YOU!” – Mary Scanlon

Hello, my name is Mary Scanlon. A little about me . . .

I had a very difficult life while growing up, coming from an abusive household which knew no real love, had not shown any real guidance, nor did I find any sort of encouragement for even the simplest of things.

Throughout much of my life, I had often wondered about my existence and had many times questioned why I was born and what my ‘Purpose’ was in life. To make matters worse, because I had no idea what my Purpose was, I had no idea what I should do with my life or what I should try to accomplish.

It seemed to me, the more I fretted or wondered about this, the more these burning questions held onto their ever elusive answers.

Because I had no answers to my many questions about my existence, I grew up spending the majority of my life not knowing my Value or Worth – not only for myself, but my Value and Worth to others around me, and therefore had spent many years wandering aimlessly in life, going from one place to the next, not really accomplishing anything at all and not finding any Purpose in anything I did in life.

Then, I came to know our Lord in 1999 through a pretty dramatic conversion to Christianity when the Lord literally and miraculously saved me from death and spared my life against all odds.

Shortly after my amazing conversion to Christianity, I began serving the Lord, serving Him however He wanted me to serve – from ministering in churches and on the streets, to having many various different speaking engagements with a variety of topics at different venues, to creating websites and writing many different inspiring and uplifting blogs, articles and teachings, to writing and publishing books, to being a guest speaker and sharing my testimony on various Christian radio and television networks, and many incredibly amazing times doing humanitarian work for the elderly and the poor in various different areas of the United States and beyond.

But even in the midst of all of that, I found my greatest strengths to not only be in healing and helping people obtain complete freedom from many different forms of oppression, sickness, disease, and the pain of the past (or present), but also in encouraging, inspiring, and helping others find the FREEDOM and SUCCESS they had always longed to accomplish and have in life.

I thought back to the majority of my life, even before I came to know the Lord, and though I did not have the kind of worldly Success at many of the things OTHERS thought I should have Success at, I found that the area I Prospered the most in was ENCOURAGING, INSPIRING, and HELPING OTHERS find their VALUE and WORTH – as well as their God-Ordained PURPOSE IN LIFE.

Realizing this, I then began to spend more quiet, quality time with the Lord, questioning Him on all the things I had been wondering about for most of my life.

And it was then the Lord really began to REVEAL HIS PLAN for another chapter of my PURPOSE IN LIFE.


It was while in the quiet, intimate setting of the Secret Place with the Lord, while in the place of His Manifest Presence, I first realized MY VALUE as a Precious and Cherished Child of God.

It was also then I began to realize just how much He VALUES ALL PEOPLE – YOU included!

It was while in the Secret Place with the Lord, the Sweet Place of His Presence, I first discovered the fullness of His Amazing Love for me and began to realize and quickly discover that HIS DESIRE was and is for me to use my Natural Gifts and Talents that He had placed within me to bring VICTORY, SUCCESS and PROSPERITY into my life – to HIS GLORY – and to stand on His Promises and the Promises of His Word while doing so.

It was while spending time with Him in the Secret Place that I first realized just how REAL and how DEEP the Lord’s Mercy and Love is for ALL of mankind and how He only wants what is best for us. His Heart is to see us SUCCEED and to PROSPER in life – to see us obtain the VICTORY in every area of our lives – and to STAY in that place of Victory.

It was while in the deep place of His Presence I really began to understand what it truly meant to be ACCEPTED, FORGIVEN, and LOVED by God, to be given A SECOND CHANCE, to be given A NEW LIFE – a life birthed out of the place of His Glory – a place where there is no guilt or shame from the past. . .

God has a PLAN and a PURPOSE for each one of us, and through His Plan for your Purpose, you will discover that KINGDOM BLESSINGS will FREELY flow – they will come forth in ABUNDANCE when you choose to Only Believe God at His Word and Trust Him to show you how to accomplish His Plan for your Purpose in Life.

God loves to reveal so much about Himself as we spend quiet, alone time with Him and as we listen to His Heart, and it is while we are in His Presence that our most heartfelt Prayers are answered.

It is while here in this place of quiet solitude with Him that you will find there is no need for you to be afraid to approach the Throne of God with the deepest desires of your heart, and it is where you will begin to see the Lord moving on your behalf as He helps you SUCCEED in and through those very same desires.

It is also while in His Presence that you will undoubtedly come to find, and fully embrace, the COMPLETE Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual WHOLENESS and HEALING which He offers for every area of your life.

It is while in His Presence that you will find HIS TRUTH PREVAILS as you discover COMPLETE RESTORATION and PROVISION for whatever it is that you may need in life at any time.

It is while in the RESTFUL PEACE and BEAUTY of His Presence that the Lord picks up the shattered pieces of your life and puts them back together in the PERFECTION of who He has made you to be IN HIM.

It is in this very place of COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING – a place where God’s REVELATION, His WISDOM, His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and PROVISION can be found – that I long to bring those who are in search of rediscovering their BEAUTY, as well as their True VALUE and their PURPOSE IN LIFE.

And . . . it’s where I want to bring YOU!


It is my heartfelt desire for you to be SET FREE from whatever may be oppressing you and/or HOLDING YOU BACK from KNOWING OR RECEIVING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR VALUE AND BEAUTY. I want to help you understand how to obtain the BREAKTHROUGH you have sought after and is so badly needed in your life!

It is my heartfelt desire for you to be SET FREE from the ‘fish bowl effect’ of ‘going around in the never ending circles’ of failure and/or lack that you may have experienced over the years!

It is my heartfelt desire for you to KNOW and UNDERSTAND just how much God VALUES YOU – how much He wants to see you SUCCEED – for, in and through HIS PLAN for your PURPOSE IN LIFE – and all to HIS GLORY!

It is my heartfelt desire for you to truly come to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the EMPOWERING TRUTH of who God says you are and to receive the REVELATION of what GOD’S PLAN is for YOUR LIFE!

Through the Release Into Your Destiny workbooks, and through my teachings, workshops, retreats, and/or events, and through the Hope, Encouragement, and Inspiration found here at and through The Banqueting House website as well as The Banqueting House products, workshops, sessions, retreats, and/or events, my desire is to see you PROSPER and ACHIEVE SUCCESS in and through all that God has for your life!



1) One of my greatest gifts is being able to help people come to know and understand how much God VALUES them, how He sees them, how He wants to use them, and how He has a Divine Purpose for them to fulfill NOW – in THIS time!

2) I love being creative because our God is Creative! I love to be creative in anything from crafts, to arts, to writing, to composing lyrics for songs, to cooking, to anything else I can think of, and I absolutely LOVE the challenge of trying new things – except when they are creepy, crawly or gross things – then, yes, I’m good!

3) I love old school music and many of the ‘oldies but goodies.’ However, most of the time I prefer to listen to the Beautiful Sounds of Heaven which can be found in Prophetic Worship. I am also known to love the peaceful flow of easy listening music, the quieter soulfulness of some good blues or classical music, and have absolutely fallen in love with beautiful violin, piano, and flute music and would much rather listen to any of these instead of anything that plays on the air nowadays! And I’m an absolute HUGE FAN of the old and awesome CLASSIC Christmas songs sung by ‘the old timers’ such as Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Perry Como, Julie Andrews, etc!

4) I sing to the Lord – A LOT – (though I’m not the best of singers) and it’s always a NEW SONG He puts in my heart!

5) I’m deeply in love with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is because of HIM I am ALIVE and VICTORIOUS in ALL THINGS!

6) I don’t watch a lot of TV, so if you ask me about what the ‘Jones’ are doing or what’s going on with some weekly drama or reality show right now, I couldn’t tell you. Oh, and I really, really like it that way.

7) I really love a great movie! Two of my all time favorites are The Passion of the Christ and The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston. Other favorite movies include Christian documentaries and clean romantic comedy’s that make you want to root for the man and woman to acknowledge that they have fallen for each other (come on, already!). I also really do love other great movies that are ‘tear jerkers’, such as The Christmas Shoes, Haichi, The Christmas Card, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, etc. Oh, and I have a HUGE library of older movies I also love to watch – such as Finding Nemo, Old Yeller, Where the Red Fern Grows, etc. (yay old school!)

8) I was born and raised in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area but I had also lived in Texas for two years and Germany for three years and have traveled the United States extensively, bringing healing, inspiration, and encouragement to people, all while ‘lighting fires’ of Purpose along the way. It was during the course of my many travels that I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE with traveling and seeing the SPECTACULAR BEAUTY of everything God has created! (Rocky Mountains, anyone?)

9) Though I greatly enjoy being around people and helping them, I also do need A LOT of time to myself before a Workshop, Meeting, or Event so I can Pray and be alone with the Lord to seek His Will for the event, and also do need A LOT of time to myself afterward to rest, reflect and recharge.

Most people wouldn’t believe that because they know me to be a great Public Speaker, Teacher, Motivator, and a real ‘Go Getter.’ But as soon as I step off the stage or platform, I’m also at times wanting to get home quickly (wherever ‘home’ may be at the moment when I’m done speaking), and give myself more than enough time to allow the Lord to Minister to me, give myself time to recharge, and give myself plenty of time to relax for the rest of the night and before the next Great Adventure the Lord leads me on!

10) I believe that I was CREATED BY GOD to SPECIFICALLY touch thousands of people’s lives in a POSITIVE way to bring about HEALING and CHANGE and I take my Purpose VERY seriously. My goal is to have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people be able to say that GOD HEALED THEM and HELPED THEM CHANGE THEIR LIFE FOR THE BETTER.

I want to make a difference in people’s lives EVERY DAY!



Mary Scanlon is a Writer, Author, Public Speaker, Teacher, Mentor, Motivator, and Creative Consultant dedicated to Educating, Encouraging, Inspiring and Empowering people throughout the world to pursue and create their ideal lives by fulfilling God’s Plan for their Purpose in Life.

Through her many articles, websites, seminars, events, retreats, courses, and coaching, she teaches men and women how to live their lives from within the Blessed Glory of the Lord and His Presence in their lives, how to embrace and learn more about their VALUE to God and who He had created them to be, how to discover God’s Plans for their Purpose, and how to transform and renew their mindset in order to live their lives to the fullest and reach their goals successfully and faster than they ever thought possible.

Mary’s lifelong desire to help others was born out of humble beginnings. She grew up in an abusive, dysfunctional household and had spent the majority of her life not knowing the Truth of her Value to God, to herself, or to others around her.

She spent many of the early years of her life wondering if there really was a God, why she had ever been born, and what her purpose in life was. She spent many other years of her life as an adult wandering from place to place, finding no satisfaction in anything she did until she came to know the Lord as her Savior in 1999.

Mary’s childhood as well as her adult experiences fueled a deep compassion within her for people who were also wounded, hurt and struggling with love, acceptance, and knowing their Value, those struggling with many other of life’s challenges, as well as those hurt and struggling with the deep inner wounds and pain of the past.

After many years of encouraging others to see past their flaws in order to see and understand their Value and Worth, Mary realized that her True Passion was in Healing and Personal Development – helping others find and obtain Healing, helping others discover the full extent of their Identity in Christ, helping others discover their True Purpose in life – and in helping them learn how to pursue and create their ideal lives of SUCCESS through the Gifts and Talents that God has placed within them.

Today, Mary Scanlon, Release Into Your Destiny and The Banqueting House reaches thousands of men and women in many different countries every single day through many different Teachings, Empowering Articles, Books, Courses, Meetings or Workshops, Retreats and Coaching Programs.

Mary currently lives in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and loves to travel to wherever the Lord leads her to Heal, to Educate, to Encourage, to Inspire and to Empower men and women to pursue and create their ideal lives of Victory and Success.

Her motto is: “I believe that God has ordained a Plan and a Purpose for your life, that you can do anything the Lord has put on your heart to do, and no one can stop you . . . but YOU!”


Being blessed to know the Lord, I have had the opportunity to meet so many people who have had a POSITIVE IMPACT on my life. The endless sea of faces and new friendships has truly helped me to become the best of who I am and who I had been created to be.

I am blessed through being able to teach so many people about the Love of God, how to make the right choices that are in alignment with His Will for their lives, by encouraging them in their quest for Success, and by helping them in their Journey of Discovering their Value and Purpose in Life.

Everyone I have met has truly blessed me and ENCOURAGED ME to continue on with doing what I love to do best – ENCOURAGING THEM!

Knowing my God-Ordained Purpose and helping others discover theirs has greatly encouraged so many, has given every one of us so much VALUE, and has no doubt instilled a deepened sense of belonging, love, acceptance, and accomplishment that until now, many had never really even known the true extent of.

THAT is the work and Love of God IN ACTION in their lives!

After years of struggling to find myself, the complete understanding of my Value and Purpose had suddenly become so clear to me, and because of that, I have come to fully realize and accept that one could truly come from less than desirable beginnings and with and through God’s Wisdom, Love and Guidance, can become EXACTLY what God had created them to be!

After all – with God – ALL things are possible, so go ahead – dare to ONLY BELIEVE!


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