Dedicated Women Of Purpose


You are unique, and because you are unique, your life is unique!

Dedicated Women of Purpose Sessions are designed to help you gain the insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that you may need in order to overcome four of life's biggest hurdles that could be preventing you from achieving the growth that is necessary to be able to move forward and find success in various different areas of your life.

My main focus of these Sessions will be on self improvement as well as overcoming hindrances in the areas of:

• Forgiveness

• Love

• Acceptance

• Healing

Life is a Gift from God and is way too precious to waste dwelling on the ugly (and often painful) mistakes of the past.

More than anything, I want to see you SUCCEED in life as you leave the pain of the past behind and move forward toward the ultimate goal of achievement - embracing a BRAND NEW YOU - a STRONG & WONDERFULLY DEFINED woman of PURPOSE and FREEDOM to live your life as the virtuous woman you were created to be!

My goal is to see you HAPPIER, more SUCCESSFUL, and more PRODUCTIVE as you embrace the truth of who you are, who you were created to be, and as you follow your heart's desire to achieve great things in life!

You already know where you truly want to be and who you truly want to become through achieving the Success of your Dreams!

I will help you get on the right track and will help guide you along to a much more happier, healthier, and more productive life - all as you receive Deep Inner Healing in areas that you feel may have been holding you back from becoming the Dedicated Woman of PURPOSE that you are!

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Frequently asked questions

While the Online Sessions are considerably shorter, the in person Dedicated Women of Purpose Sessions (Meetings) generally last between 4-5 hours for a single Session meeting, 4-5 hours for each of the two night Sessions, and varies for the Weekend Retreats. The majority of the time is spent exploring the four areas of focus while the remaining time is spent Praying and addressing the needs of the women who are present.

The cost of the Dedicated Women of Purpose Sessions varies, depending on whether it is a one night Session, a two night Session, or if it is a weekend Retreat. The cost of each Event will be listed on the Events Page for easy reference.

The Banqueting House does not offer money refunds for no-shows or cancellations after purchase, but may instead offer a Coupon or Voucher that would be good for attending a future Event. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

The Dedicated Women of Purpose Sessions are for women age 18 and over. We generally do not have children attend these Sessions so that the women can focus solely on themselves during this time. There is also no daycare available, so women with children will need to make their own arrangements for child care prior to attending the Sessions.

No. The Banqueting House is not a non-profit organization, nor is it a 501(c)3. Though we (meaning myself and/or any guest speakers) will mostly teach from a Non-denominational standpoint, we are not affiliated with, nor are we a branch or part of any individual Religious Organization and/or Church. Therefore you will not receive a tax receipt from us, but will instead receive a regular receipt.

To read or for more information on my Christian beliefs, please CLICK HERE.

You may contact me through the form on the Contact Us page, or you can also click HERE to contact me.

What women are saying

"Thank you for the many years of sharing great wisdom and inspiring encouragement! Through what you have taught, I've been able to finally move forward in what I feel I am called to do, and I can do it in confidence!"
Paulette K
Butte, Montana
"For years I had problems with forgiving myself for the mistakes I had made in my life. I was depressed all the time and had no motivation whatsoever. Through your help I was able to let go and finally move on toward my future. It's going great and I now love life! Thank you!"
teri R
Rapid City, South Dakota
"After years of suffering with low self-esteem, I have finally come out of my shell feeling like a new person who has purpose! Thank you! I definitely believe everybody could benefit from what you teach in these four areas!"
Laurel H
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"My marriage had suffered for years because of unforgiveness. After working with you, I was able to apply what I had learned and was able to not only forgive, but able to accept the mistakes that were made, learn from them, and receive the healing that I so badly needed!"
Mary R
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I had such a hard time trying to forgive myself and move on from the past. Through the teachings at your session, I was able to learn so much and had then put what I learned into practice in my life. I now no longer look at myself as guilty or depressed but free in Christ, and I've never been happier!"
Barb M
Hudson, Wisconsin
"Such an unbelievable anointing on these teachings and these sessions! The presence of God was so real I didn't want to leave! I will definitely be returning for more any time you are in my area! Thank you so much for your faithful service to the Lord!"
Tracy K
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
"I never realized I was missing so much of what God had for my life until I attended one of your sessions. It was a real eye opener and had helped me overcome my shyness to become the woman I always wanted to be. I am now looking forward to what God has for me as I jump into my purpose with both feet! Thank you so much!"
Kathleen S
Mankato, Minnesota
"I cannot thank you enough for all you do for women! So many of us had been hurt and looking for so many of the answers that you had provided! The Lord does so many amazing things through you and your meetings! Keep up the good work!"
Teresa P
Cambridge, Minnesota

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